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Getting in the Christmas spirit with Philly & Friends

Vese, is the founder of Philly & Friends, a children's lifestyle brand that aims to add a drop of colour in the sea of children's products. They create beautifully illustrated children's books, wall art and affirmation cards designed to instil self-love and confidence in our little ones. A mum of 2, based in Epping Forest, Vese launched her debut book Who Do I See in the Mirror last year. Discover he beautiful fledgeling brand here.

What are your favourite Christmas traditions?

As a family, we sit in a circle and list all the things we are thankful for. This year, with the launch of The Beautiful Box of You™ (from £17.99) we will be pulling out our affirmation cards to affirming one another. It's been a tough year for all, and so we need to lift our spirits and encourage one another. 

Who's the trickiest to buy for and what have you got planned? 

My husband is the trickiest to buy for; he is so particular. He has been talking about picking up painting. So, I'm going to get him an Art Set. I hope it's a hit. 

Who's gift are you most looking forward to choosing this year and what have you got planned?

I'm looking forward to choosing my daughter's gift for sure. She has grown so much and is so aware of herself now. I can't wait to see the smile on her face as she unwraps. I love the Little Hotdog Watson hats (from £18.00). They are so so cute. She has a thing with hats at the moment, so I know she will love it. 

Quick Fire round!

Stocking or breakfast first? Breakfast first

Favourite Christmas song: Michael Buble's Santa Claus is Coming to Town. 

Lunch or dinner? How about Lunch AND dinner haha

And finally, what are you hoping to find in your stocking this year?

Can I hope for an all-expense-paid trip to the Maldives? I would love a break, with sunshine and not a care in the world. If all fails, a Meminio case in Duck Egg (from £145) will make my Christmas. 

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