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Getting Christmassy with Boo Chew

Becks Kay, is the owner of Boo Chew, which supports you and your little one from when they start to chew, with stylish and design-led teething and weaning products. Becks is a chocolate addict, cheese board guzzler, mother of two, living in South-East England but a Scot at heart. Becks believes that style and function shouldn’t have to be compromised when you have kids and has created the most beautifully stylish weaning sets. So if you’re in the first year of parenting check out Boo Chew.

This Christmas is going to be a little different this year for many families, what have you got planned?

Both mine and my husband’s family don’t live locally, so we usually take it in turns to stay with the in-laws each year. However, as the kids are getting older we are now starting to have Christmas at our own home, so we can make our own traditions. We hope to have my parents come and stay with us over Christmas but if not, I’m sure we will get the Portal out and make sure to Facetime our families while having Christmas drinks. Another family favourite is to do a Christmas quiz so I’m sure we will take to Zoom once again with all the family to ensure that Christmas tradition is upheld!

What are your favourite Christmas traditions?

There’s something so lovely about having your own Christmas traditions isn’t there? I look back so fondly on my childhood Christmases and I always reflect on the stuff we did every year. So like I said above, a Christmas quiz on Christmas day is quickly becoming one of our new traditions, we are all quite competitive so fits in with our personality perfectly! 😉

Something that I’ve started doing is a Christmas Eve box which the kids get in the morning. It’s filled with a Christmas book we will read that night, new pjs / sleepsuits, I have my eye on these from Didi and Bud, some yummy hot chocolate, these personalised hot chocolate mugs are a must and a Christmas activity. I love this Angel Peg Doll craft kits by Cotton Twist which you can get at West Stanton.

On the day it’s all about the food and Christmas jumpers. A bacon sarnie in the morning with a Bellini for the grown-ups (this is a must for me and a tradition I bring from my own family Christmases) while showing off our best Christmas jumpers of the season!

Who’s gift are you most looking forward to choosing this year and what have you got planned?

It’s my daughter’s first Christmas where she isn’t a little baby so I’m so excited to see her reaction to the magic of Christmas and opening her presents. She is obsessed with babies and dolls and looking after them, so I think we will get her some more dolls and accessories for them. This dolls bed from Pop and Punch is divine! But I love the transportability of this rope doll basket as well.

What’s your decorating style?

I do love a traditional Christmas setting, we always have a snow dusted pine mantel garland and a wreath from eucalyptus on our front door and a wreath in the kitchen. Our Christmas tree is adorned with white lights and an eclectic range of baubles. We buy some new ones each year, and I let the kids choose one too.

Decorating the Christmas table is a must too and it’s all about candles, more eucalyptus, crackers, little Christmas figurines and I’m a stickler for name places. I think these wooden name decorations by Rosie Meringue and think they would make great name places and then can be repurposed as door hangings!

What’s the one thing that makes Christmas, Christmassy for you?

I can’t possibly pinpoint it to one thing. There are so many amazing elements to Christmas that make it Christmassy. BUT I know in the lead-up to Christmas a mulled wine gets me in the festive spirit, but it doesn’t take much to be honest!

Quick fire round!

Breakfast first or stocking first? STOCKING!

Star or fairy? Star

Roses or Quality Street? Quality Street

Charades or pictionary? Charades

Fave Xmas Song? Maria Carey, All I want for Christmas, gets me dancing every time.

And finally, what are you hoping to find in your stocking this year?

Spacemasks! This year has been a toughy hasn’t it, and I’ve missed out on so much sleep, so anything to send me off into a peaceful slumber is at the top of my stocking list this year.

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