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A festive interview with Etta Loves

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Jen Fuller is the founder of Etta Loves, the sensory baby brand who take baby essentials and make them magical through the addition of science. A mum of 2, Jen’s first daughter Etta was the inspiration for the business, driving her to make everyday baby items that support babies’ visual development through precise shapes, scales and colours. So to make babies’ Christmas (and beyond) more mesmerising, and give the precious gift of calm to parents (or yourself), check out the Etta Loves magic here.

This Christmas is going to be a little different this year for many families, what have you got planned?

We’re going to be making the most of the beautiful sea side we live by and making new traditions of chilly walks with hot chocolates. We will probably dust off the firepit and roast some festive marshmallows and light sparklers to bring some oohs and ahhhs to Christmas this year.

What are your favourite Christmas traditions?

The girls choose a new decoration for the tree each year (and spending the festive period taking it off and putting it back on again..) They also get matching PJ’s on Christmas eve which have to be wrestled off them before Christmas Lunch. We also take a walk around our neighbourhood to see all the pretty lit up Christmas trees in people’s houses.

Who’s gift are you most looking forward to choosing this year and what have you got planned?

It’s got to be my girls as their faces really do light up when they see beautifully wrapped presents under the tree and finally get to open them! I have my eye on some Maileg matchbox mice for both of them, and then they both need some jumpers and Etta is getting a new bike as she’s started to enjoying riding our rusty second hand one.

Who’s the trickiest to buy for and what have you got planned?

My mum is hard as she lets you know if she’s not impressed with your choice! I am fresh out of ideas so will be browsing Christmas Curated and gift guides galore to spot the perfect gift to make her lost for words.

What’s your decorating style?

At Christmas I tend to keep our house more minimal and Scandinavian style – white snowflakes on the banisters, a eucalyptus mantle piece garland and lots of wire lights twinkling round the house, but I adore seeing the homes of people who embrace colour and really go all out!

What’s the one thing that makes Christmas, Christmassy for you?

Time to stop, sit down, be together and spend precious moments talking and listening and playing. Christmas is unique as it feels like time slows down and there is nothing else I should be doing and nowhere else I’d rather be.

Quick fire round!

Breakfast first or stocking first? Stocking first!

Charades or pictionary? Charades

Xmas Pudding? Yuk

Presents all in one go or over time? All in one go

And finally, what are you hoping to find in your stocking this year?

A vaccine. And failing that I’m lusting after a pair of Common Projects white trainers, but hope that no one is daft enough to spend that kind of money on me, so let’s say a dark Terrys chocolate orange.

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