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Festive moments with Ali from meminio

The concept of meminio first struck Marie when she found a vintage suitcase case in her grandmother’s home. She began using it to store her daughter’s precious keepsakes. Ali, after a life changing event, had also been thinking about ways to keep and share memories with her children. Great friends soon became business partners and meminio was launched in early 2016.

This Christmas is going to be a little different this year for many families, what have you got planned? I've rented 4 cottages next to each other in the Lake District for Christmas, one for my parents and one for each of my sister's - hopefully we will be able to toast each other and play some garden games together!

What are your favourite Christmas traditions? The best present gets a round of applause at the end of the day. We always have a present from the table and a tree present to add to the fun.

Who’s gift are you most looking forward to choosing this year and what have you got planned? My sister, Kate, is the most thoughtful gift buyer- often surprising me with something I mentioned I wanted about 8 month previously.

Who’s the trickiest to buy for and what have you got planned? 

My husband, he has everything he needs and buys anything he doesn't!

What’s your decorating style? The more the better - you can't go over the top on Christmas decorations!

What’s the one thing that makes Christmas, Christmassy for you? The tree, which goes up on the 1st December.

Quick fire round! Xmas Pudding? Yes- home made by me in November! Lunch or dinner? Lunch and turkey sandwiches for tea Presents all in one go or over time? Spread over- we start on Christmas eve and make the opening last 24 hours!

And finally, what are you hoping to find in your stocking this year? A cake slicer

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