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A yuletide meeting with Elizabeth from Artisanne

Artisanne was founded by 2 sisters – London-based Elizabeth, and Emma who lived in Senegal for 6 years. We work directly with over 85 weavers in that beautiful country where traditional skills are passed down from mother to daughter. By avoiding any middlemen, we give our artisans access to new international markets, helping to ensure they earn a regular and fair income. We love the fact that any gifts bought from us will be made with love, and are sustainable and ethical. View their beautiful collection here.

This Christmas is going to be a little different this year for many families, what have you got planned? We were due to spend Christmas with my sister and her family who currently live in Kenya so we are going to have to improvise a lot and are planning several zoom calls.  We always lay out  food for Father Christmas so there will be a zoom call for that (comparing food and Santa’s tipple) and the children want to be on zoom when they open their stockings.  I love looking for stocking fillers and Sisi & Seb have got some particularly beautiful ones this year.

What are your favourite Christmas traditions? We always read The Night Before Christmas the Night on Christmas evening and this Christmas we will be keeping the tradition going as we are planning a zoom call with the cousins this year so they still get to read it together! More space in the bed!  Emma and I always try to buy some presents that are similar for all the children. This year I will include hats for my nephew and niece and my own kids from Little Hotdog Watson (from £18) which come in so many colours and styles-sure to suit all personalities and keep them toasty warm! 

Who’s gift are you most looking forward to choosing this year and what have you got planned? My sister as she is so easy and enjoyable to buy for I just need to choose something that is hard to find in Kenya. Am thinking of getting her some clothes and must not get side tracked myself!  Who’s the trickiest to buy for and what have you got planned?  Having just had a birthday prior to Christmas it is nearly always my father, he is very hard to buy for. I might buy him a magazine subscription though as I know he is getting a little restless at home and we both have a love of travel.  What’s your decorating style? Mine is classic I think, holly, reds and silver! I also love natural fibres and texture and the fireplace adorned with a garland. A Christmas table with white napkins, our placemats, touches of green and sparkly lights will alway bring a smile to my face. Style the Clutter Christmas style is always a lovely source of inspiration.  Leoma makes the most incredible wreaths and I love the way she decorates her stairs.

What’s the one thing that makes Christmas, Christmassy for you? Christmas Carols Quick Fire round! Sprouts? Definitely not (much to my Dad’s dismay) Fave Xmas Song? Santa Baby (My children berate me for it) Xmas Pudding? Buche de Noël, as a nod to the French side of the family. And finally, what are you hoping to find in your stocking this year?

My dream would be a cashmere scarf from Lois Avery.

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