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A Christmas chat with Mama Designs

Keira O'Mara, is the owner of Mama Designs a design led mama and baby brand creating stylish yet practical essential baby products with clever design features. A mum of 3, based in Birmingham, Keira launched her business 12 years ago whilst on maternity leave. If you’re looking for baby must haves from sleep to breastfeeding, and gorgeous nursery accessories check out the website here.

This Christmas is going to be a little different this year for many families, what have you got planned?

Sadly it will be a quiet one this year. We are going to have Christmas day with just the five of us and will be face timing all the family. What are your favourite Christmas traditions?

I love giving the children new pj's on Christmas Eve and we all open our pressies in the living room first thing wearing them. Who’s gift are you most looking forward to choosing this year and what have you got planned?

Lily (10) is so easy to buy for. She loves clothes and stuff for her room. I really enjoy picking things out for her. Love the new Little Jones prints for her. Who’s the trickiest to buy for and what have you got planned?

My other half! I make a note every time he mentions something that he might like but I'm stuck for ideas this year. What’s your decorating style?

I quite like it to be matching, the tree has a lot of copper decorations. Lots of lights around the house. Not sure how long the tree will last this year with an 18 month old wanting to scale it! What’s the one thing that makes Christmas, Christmassy for you?

Relaxing with family and eating and drinking lots of nice food! Quick fire round! Breakfast first or stocking first? Stocking! Star or fairy? Star! Sprouts? Definitely! And finally, what are you hoping to find in your stocking this year? A Wyse jumper.

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