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Sisi and Seb

Sisi & Seb offers a selection of carefully curated clothes, accessories and toys which we have discovered and love. Items which not only have a point of difference and stand out for their composition, colour, detailing and style but that are also eco friendly and are not mass produced.


We believe in 'Buy less, buy better'; having 3 items instead of 6 and reusing them, passing them down and passing them on. Thinking about the 'price per wear' and the quality of the pieces that you buy. Quality over quantity! 


Sisi & Seb have now closed their Christmas Curated offer. It keep up to date with them and not miss their news or any other offers, we recommend you join their email list.

Christmas CURATED

Remember, you only needed to join one participating brand's email list, though we would love to have you.

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