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Closer, Calmer, Comfier 

Keep your baby close enough to kiss and still have your hands free for all life throws at you with a Fornessi carrier. 


The Fornessi carrier allows your baby to feel your warmth and hear your reassuring heartbeat aiding the transition from womb to the world, reducing the chances of colic and crying by over 40%. 

All this helps to ensure good early bonding, key to giving your baby the secure attachment they need. 


Designed with comfort in mind, the wide straps spread the baby’s weight evenly, reducing back and shoulder pain. The custom-fit creates a hip safe environment for your developing baby and the super soft, and ultra-breathable material is also environmentally friendly. 


So good for you, baby and the planet 

Fornessi have now closed their Christmas Curated offer. It keep up to date with them and not miss their news or any other offers, we recommend you join their email list.

Christmas CURATED


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