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Family Rule 

Heirloom Ruler Height Charts to capture treasured memories.


Made to last for generations our handmade Family Rule wooden ruler height charts are a piece of design to be treasured that will hold a sense of your families nostalgia for years to come. Designed to capture the whole families growth spurts (or shrinkages!) they measure heights up to 2m tall. 


Each piece of wood has its own characteristics, which means that no two ruler height charts will ever be the same. Painted by hand and personalised with any message you would like, in a choice of three font styles, making them a truly original.


They make a perfect gift for new families... or your own!

Christmas CURATED


Bundle Beds have now closed their Christmas Curated offer. It keep up to date with them and not miss their news or any other offers, we recommend you join their email list.

Remember, you only needed to join one participating brand's email list, though we would love to have you.

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